Doublewood Denim - Men's

Doublewood Denim - Men's

Doublewood Denim is designed in San Francisco and handcrafted by a team of denim artisans with over 30 years experience in Zhongshan City, in Southern China. A small family owned business, Doublewood’s priorities lie in the choice of fabrics, cutting and subtle signature details. Their denim is made from high-quality rope-dyed selvedge from a Japanese mill with over 100 years of experience, known for it's indigo richness and unprecedented durability.

  • Features a signature traditional 5 pocket construction with 4 button fly and slanted openings. Medium rise.
  • 13.75oz. Japanese raw redline selvedge denim 


  • Rinsed: rope-dyed in deep indigo
  • Black: rope-dyed in dark charcoal black

Recommended Care Instructions:

  • For the first 6 months, Doublewood recommends to wash only when they were badly stained, or under absolute necessity scenario. Otherwise wait for (at least) 6 months before the first wash to optimize the fade results. It also predominantly depends on how often you wear the jeans and what you do in them.
  • To Wash Denim:
    1. Turn your jeans inside out, and button up.

    2. Fill the tub with enough lukewarm water to fully submerge the jeans, mix in a small amount of very light washing detergent which specifically designed to lock in darker colors.
    3. Set the detergent bottle or some other heavy items onto the jeans to keep them submerged. Sit for 45 minutes.
    4. Drain the tub, rinse the jeans with clean water. Roll them up and rinse further to siphon out any extra soap, wring if needed.
    5. Hang dry indoor.