The Village Common - South Of Monterey

The Village Common - South Of Monterey

Basil - Eucalyptus - Lavender

Soy Wax // Coconut Oil // 100% Pure Essential Oils // 50hr

“Standing on the coast I feel the mist on my face. I’ve been here before, the scent helps retrace. A life of solitude on the ocean is ideal. If you listen, Big Sur’s secrets will reveal. Continue to feel revived as nature embraces, close your eyes and let it take you places. Just south of Monterey you will find, a home for you of solitude & peace of mind." -Blake Hays


Based out of Catskills, NY, Village Common scents are inspired by the American landscape, and hand-crafted in small batches. Each scent is accompanied with an original poem, penned by owner Blake Hays, that is meant to capture the ephemeral essence of each candles namesake.